ABOUT fenestrationpro INDIA

fenestrationpro INDIA is a show designed under glasspro INDIA to unite the architects, fabricators, developers, policymakers, façade consultants, engineers, and stakeholders from the Indian industry and beyond to drive discussions on the design trends and which can be harmonized with energy-efficient building technologies.

Doors & windows have the most attractive portion among the numerous fields of constructional activities in India, so have the most prosperity, as well. This industry has given up its traditional structure and expedites to the modernism. It is just a few years that utilization of standard, safe and insulator doors and windows has got mandatory and the users and consumers also are extremely enthusiastic about using these products. This new taste and necessity caused the manufacturers to change their production platform to manufacture new and updated products. The Door, Window & Façade industry in India is emerging rapidly and the need for sustainability, comfort, and aesthetics continues to drive innovation in the construction sector. Doors & Windows are now an example of what technology can do to beautify homes and an essential element of new strategies to improve energy efficiency.

Both the shows together will cater to the widest segment of fraternity and bring them all under one roof.

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