Here you will find some information concerning your journey to India


The official currency of India is Indian Rupee (INR).

All major international currencies are accepted in India.

International and Indian banks provide a good number of 24-hour ATMs in most parts of the city. Currency exchange services are readily available with banks, travel agencies and hotels.

Electric Current:

In India the electric voltage available is 220 volts AC/50 Hz. Some hotels provide additional 110 volt plug point outlets.

Indian Standard Time (IST)

Indian Standard Time is 5.30 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+5.30 hrs)


You will get prepaid taxi you service upon arrival at the airport. There will be lists or boards with the latest prices. It is advised to international exhibitors and visitors to book their taxi in advance from a reputed travel agency or hotel. Radio Taxi service is also available in Mumbai, you may contact any of the below to book your taxi:

  • MERU CABS: +91 22 4422 4422
  • MEGA CABS: +91 22 4242 4242
  • EASY CABS: +91 22 4343 4343
  • TAB CABS: +91 22 6363 6363


All major categories (luxury, 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars and budget) of hotels have rooms available in Mumbai. The peak season for visiting Mumbai is generally from October to March. You may please contact our official travel agency to help you book your accommodation in Mumbai.


A majority of the international airlines have their offices in Mumbai. The national airlines have their head or branch offices in the city as well.


The Climate of Mumbai is a tropical wet and dry climate. Mumbai’s climate can be best described as moderate temperatures with high level of humidity. In the month of October the mean daily maximum stays at around 32.9 째C and mean daily minimum stays at 23.1 째C making it hot during the days and cold during the nights.


Kindly contact your doctor in good time before leaving for India. He will inform you about relevant and necessary vaccinations. All major hotels have doctors on call. You can also get in touch with your Embassy if you need any specialized medical assistance.